No Dog // Short Film


No Dog // Short Film

NO DOG is a short film based on the critically acclaimed autobiography The Lost Boyz — A Dark Side of Graffiti by Justin Rollins.

Directed by Darius Norowzian, the film is told through the eyes of a young Justin Rollins, the film sheds light on the squandered youth of a few boys from late 1990s South London. We journey with them as they surround themselves with urban chaos, graffiti, racism, train-tracks, violence and the need for respect.

The short film NO DOG is a small window into the a young Justin Rollins’ life, as depicted in his book The Lost Boyz. It succeeds in thursting the audience right into the middle of his world surrounded by street violence, gang rivalries, domestic abuse and his mis-guided sense of belonging. Shrouded in 90s street culture and music, the short film serves the purpose of selling in the tone of what the feature film will be like.